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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in the threat of an EMP attack and am writing an expose on how our current political system has addressed or failed to address the issue. I’d like to ask a few question about this company for my piece.

    1: Do you have a chart displaying where your funds comes from? Who are the primary donors?
    2: Where (intelligence agencies, news reports, academic studies, etc…) do you receive the bulk of your data and information on the threat of EMP?
    3: Aside from a written endorsement from three members of congress, what political ties does this company have? Are there persons lobbying for survivalist philosophies?
    4: What are the main protective measures endorsed by your company against EMPs? (solar power, wind power, hydroelectric photostatic cells, self sustaining property, etc…)

    Please note that I am an empirical writer and am merely looking for data, so keeping the editorializing to a minimum would really benefit the accuracy of my research. Thank you for your time.

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