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  1. National Emergency Preparation

    Many threats and natural disasters loom, so there is concern that the United States is neither prepared nor protected.
    1.) Our power grid is vulnerable.
    2.) Necessary supplies such as medicine, food, shelter, etc. are not in “ready position.”
    3.) Current logistics and transportation would prove inadequate in the event of a major attack or catastrophe. E.M.P. (electromagnetic pulse)
    Possible solutions:
    • Use the “Mothball Nuclear Fleet” as mobile power plants. These ships repowered and refurbished to be defensive rather than offensive. Space that was used for warfare would now carry needed emergency supplies. Emergency health care could be provided.
    • Each ship would be equipped with protective weaponry in order to maintain its objective.
    • “Manning” (crew) would consist of recently retired, reservist and National Guard. The ships would be stationed around the country in waterways and could be deployed where needed. Protected electrical stations would be set up where the “nuclear power” would plug in to provide emergency power especially for first responders, etc. Ground transportation could “offload” supplies and responders as needed.
    • The use of submarines offers even more potential.

  2. What about building spare transformers, (EHV or otherwise), and other components at present that they’ed be ready for use in case something should happen to our power grid?

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  4. Dear Dr. Peter Vincent Pry,

    My name is John Herr, and we have a non-profit named Imagining Solutions, Inc. The web site:
    My Phone # (970) 903-6273
    On my web site you can read “my story”. I have an 83 year old friend named Ret. LT. Col. Thomas Bearden and he and group of scientists developed an answer for EMP proof electric generators. They have given us the rights to produce this in massive amounts. It is small and compact, it has no moving parts, and it requires no fuel.
    The only thing stopping this from happening is a small amount of financing. I have been seeking to find it, with little success.
    We need help to set this up. Can you call me, please.
    John Herr

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  6. Peter – I’m a “watch guy” and I have my own watch company. I also work with an active duty Navy SEAL who has his own watch brand. We occasionally discuss the following issue: How do the ground troops tell time (a critical factor in any military) once an EMP device has been released? The answer is they don’t. That is unless they start issuing mechanical watches to some number of the troops. Maybe there should be a program in place to issue 10-25% of our military personnel mechanical watches – ideally made in the USA or Mexico. The watches that many military personnel wear today are either a Marathon (a digital watch made in China that claims to be Canadian) and Casio. Both fine watches, but they’d be DOA after an EMP attack.



  7. Hello I am Michael Vara the host of Late Night in the Midlands & I would like to have you as my guest on the show. I would like to set up 2hr hrs give or take if we may. I have a show not like many others We Cover Everything .We have hundreds of thousands of listeners a show.
    My show is also run on Art Bells Dark Matter Radio Network and High point radio 1700AM & 100.5.FM
    Thank you & I look forward to your response. Here is the link to my website

  8. Dr. Pry,
    I am on the board of a large electric cooperative in Texas. I asked our staff to do a quick analysis of our vulnerability to EMP and was told there is nothing that an electric distribution utility can do by itself to protect against this threat. I have also inquired with ERCOT, the Texas grid operator, about steps they are taking and got very little information other than the that they have formed a Geomagnetic Disturbance Task Force, which is very limited in scope. I have also inquired through legislative contacts if any legislation is being considered in Texas to address this problem. To date, I have not discovered any initiative by members of the Texas Legislature to address the threat at the state level.

    We have a Legislative session coming up in January. Are you aware of any initiative in Texas to produce legislation to address the EMP threat? If you are, could you please put me in touch with those who are working on this. If not, what would you suggest be done to get this on the Texas Legislature’s radar screen.

    Thanks for what you are doing,
    Chris Perry
    512 784-3268

  9. I heard your interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory and have a suggestion for how to get more action on protecting our grid. I sign petitions on frequently and I have seen great results from most of them I suggest that you start a petition on directed to Upton and others who are critical to the passage of the bills to protect our grid. Thanks for all you do.

  10. You would think the banks, communication corporations, the medical industry (hospitals) and other businesses (both big and small) would be putting pressure on the government and the electric providers to harden the grid. After all, if it goes, so goes their ability to provide services and do business on the net. Our entire country would come to an abrupt halt.

  11. Best to post a form letter and send out via email to all of George’s Coast to Coast insider members. They will sign it and forward it to the Upton office, which will of course, be bomb-barded with overload. Also please give out the phone number to encourage us all to phone ! The Shield Act should get a lot of attention. I would pay whatever it takes to protect our national grid/inf structure. Why does the president not know how important this is! D Robdau, Boston Ma.

  12. Dr. Pry,

    I heard you on Coast to Coast the other night. I am going to get involved by writing letters and getting others to write letters. I might even put together a little video to send to my Facebook friends.

    Keep up the good work.

    Chris Pinon
    Houston, Texas

  13. Hi Dr. Pry:

    Thanks for coming on to Coast-to-Coast.
    Is the RAND corporation aware of this concern?
    I’ve always been impressed by their various contributors.

  14. My God, you are one condescending jerk. According to you … people who aren’t conservative aren’t usually students of history. WHAAAT? And yes, let’s travel back to WWII and Neville Chamberlain. Why when we have such sterling recent examples … those genius non students of history: GW Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld. Oh please. People who need to label others are black and white simpletons. A sad paucity of intellectual versatility. You’re a generalizer, a smug pigeon holer. OK, nuff of you. Going to listen to some Classical Music. P.S. I’m not even a Democrat.

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