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  1. About the executive orden of Obama, of the most effective ways to reduce risk, is building grounding systems that drain energy that absorb transmission lines by effect of solar storms. It is the most important in the electrical utility, gas@ oil, comunications and the industry. It is a way to minimize risk, but all, at least in large part. (I’m an electrical engineer and took more than 20 years researching the grounding systems.

  2. Is there an app that I can get for early warning for coronal mass ejections? I have a smart phone. Or other apps for other kinds of dangers, earthquakes ect..

  3. Good Morning Peter:
    I am a Canadian citizen concerned with the potential impact of EMP and I follow your writings.
    Would you please let me know the status of EMP initiatives in Canada and who in the Canadian
    Government I should contact to express my concerns.
    Thank you.

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