World War?

By: Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine to seize the Crimea on February 28, 2014, reporting by the mainstream media has focused on President Obama’s threats to impose economic sanctions on Russia in retaliation.  Media pundits have spoken of the “standoff” and the “stalemate” between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine–as if economic sanctions against a handful of Russian oligarchs is somehow strategically equivalent retaliation for Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Indeed, mainstream television and newspapers have reported with grim satisfaction that President Obama is “ratcheting up” the sanctions, trying hard to create the impression that Moscow must be quaking with fear.  Mainstream media pundits have reported, largely uncritically, Obama’s claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s  seizure of Crimea is archaic behavior belonging in another century and “an act of weakness.”

Viewers of ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC, and readers of the New York Times, USA Today and etc. might well get the impression that President Obama’s sophisticated use of the “soft power” of economic sanctions will inevitably prevail over Dictator Putin’s old fashioned military muscle flexing.

On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, the House Armed Services Committee of the U.S. Congress released an unclassified version of its letter to President Obama warning that, over the past month, Russia has been massing more forces on the border of Ukraine–apparently for a wider invasion.

Russia is postured to overrun all of Ukraine.

Russia is postured to attack NATO itself.  Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are all NATO member states now, whose security the United States is bound by treaty to protect–including if necessary by nuclear war.

Russia has never enjoyed such a preponderance of nuclear and conventional forces over the United States and the NATO frontline states as it does today.  Russia has a virtual monopoly of 3,000-8,000 tactical nuclear weapons, compared to a few hundred obsolete nuclear gravity bombs remaining on the U.S. side.  Russia has advanced Third Generation nuclear weapons that have no counterpart on the U.S. side.

For example, these include Super-EMP (electromagnetic pulse) nuclear weapons that could paralyze U.S. and European NATO military forces and command and control systems with a single blow.  These include battlefield neutron warheads that are “clean” as they produce no nuclear fallout and could be used with decisive effect against ground and air forces.

Super-EMP warheads alone could enable Russia to roll to the English Channel virtually unopposed.

We are five months away from the centenary of World War One, and the White House is ignorant of the hard learned lessons of the Cold War, World War II, really all of history.  Peace Through Strength is the simple ageless formula for achieving security without war.

When the U.S. Navy is reduced from 600 ships to 200, the smallest Navy since 1915; when the U.S. Army is reduced to pre-World War II levels; when the U.S. nuclear deterrent is reduced unilaterally and not modernized for over 30 years–war becomes not only more likely, but inevitable.

Appended below is the letter from the House Armed Services Committee to President Obama of March 26, 2014.  Read it and discover that the United States now faces the gravest European crisis since 1938.

God willing, His mercy shall forgive and reverse the folly that has led us to the threshold of another world war.

House Armed Services Committee Letter

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